Skincare Holy Grail: Discover the Face Mask That Exceeded My Expectations

Skincare Holy Grail: Discover the Face Mask That Exceeded My Expectations

So I thought I would kick off the Beauty Explained blog with a review of one of my favourite face masks. I’m really into skincare and have a crazy amount of skin products that I rotate throughout the month.

I first heard of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask on Youtube probably in early 2013, many bloggers had mentioned how ‘amazing’ it was and to be completely honest, I thought it was hype (like most products are these days). 

Last year, my skin wasn’t looking its best so I decided to branch out from my usual products and did a little research. I was basically looking for a product that would give my skin a deep clean and across Pinterest (my favourite app) and Youtube, I kept seeing the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. 

The mask is made from bentonite clay from Death Valley (California), the clay is sun dried at extremely high temperatures. The mask claimed to be highly versatile since it can apparently be used for facials (including acne treatments), foot soaks, hair masks, insect bites and a few other uses. What I really liked was that it was suitable for dry skin (me), normal skin and oily skin - depending on what you mix with it. 

Seeing that the reviews were stellar, I took the plunge and bought it. At the time it cost just under £10 for about half a kilo of powdered product, so didn’t seem like much to lose.

Compared to the usual face masks, this mask is in powder form and needs to be mixed with liquid in order to be applied. From my research, I learned that for oily skin it’s best mixed with apple cider vinegar (which smells vile) and for dry/normal skin bottled water (tap water isn’t great for skin) or rose water. I later learned that using rose water mixed with glycerin is the best for maintaining your moisture balance. Another combination I like is adding activated charcoal - I’ve found that this gives a ultra, super, intense extraction of impurities!

This mask is extremely cost effective since you need about a third of a tablespoon for each application - please ensure you use non-metallic materials! I usually make the mix just thick enough not to be a drippy mess. 

Just to give a little background on my skin, I have dry skin that can look a little rough in texture but rarely any spots - I also have quite a few scars on my face. When I applied the mask I put quite a thick layer and after about 10-15 minutes it hardened and darkened slightly making it hard to move my face. I could literally feel it working, my face tighten as it drew out the impurities from my skin. After rinsing off, my skin felt smooth to touch - significantly softer after just one use which I found impressive. A year on, my jar is still half full and still gives my skin the pick up it needs - I use the mask about twice a week. I have also noticed that my long term scars appear lighter than they once were.

My verdict is that this mask is a good all rounder! Perfect for normal, oily and dry skin - what more could you want? I also love how easy it is to add essential oils and other ingredients to maximise the benefits. 10/10 from me

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