Unveiling the Secrets of Lash Adhesive: Why Your Lashes Aren't Sticking and What to Do About It

Unveiling the Secrets of Lash Adhesive: Why Your Lashes Aren't Sticking and What to Do About It

As beautiful as strip eyelashes are, they are the most cumbersome part of makeup application (after winged eyeliner - talk for another day!). It always seems as though your eyelashes refuse to adhere to your eyes when you’re most in a hurry and urgently trying to leave home.

Here, the Beauty Explained team are going to give you a quick checklist to ensure that you get a perfect application each time:

Glue, glue, glue 

A high-quality lash adhesive is always worth the investment. The "Duo" Lash Adhesive is fantastic because it comes in a variety of colours (black, dark brown, clear, and white) and in tubes with numerous applicators! This is a crucial step because your eyelashes' ability to remain on all day depends on the lash adhesive!

Wrong tools 

Grab your BE Tweezers once the glue is wet to apply your strip lashes flawlessly the first time! For a flawless appearance, the falsies should be placed as near as possible to your natural lash line. Stick the centre down first, then grab the outer corners with the applicators and press them down. Likewise for the inside corner. If the lashes are somewhat misaligned, there is still plenty of time to correct them before the glue hardens. If the band of the strip lashes isn't as close to the lash line as you would like it to be, use the applicator to press it down. To make sure the lashes are firmly in place, press down on the band all the way across.

Not trimming the eyelashes 

To determine whether the strip lashes need to be clipped, measure them against your own natural lashes. Put the false lashes on top of your natural lashes to get this. You will need to cut the band if it extends over your lash line. Tip: Start your artificial lashes around 1 cm from where your natural lashes begin to darken in the inner corner of your eyes. Always trim artificial eyelashes from the outside corner, where the strands are longer, as the inner corners of your eyes need the shorter hairs. Don't push them any more since they won't sit well on your eye and will feel uncomfortable.

Make sure the lashes on the outside corner are not too lengthy. To ensure they look their best and don't feel heavy on the eyes, it is always preferable to trim them just a little bit short of where your natural lashes end.

Inflexible band 

Not all lashes are created equal, you need a strip lash that is flexible and nicely bends to the contour of your eye


  1. Wait for the glue to be tacky 

  2. Use an eyelash curler to marry the false eyelashes to your natural lashes 

  3. Trim down to get a custom fit

  4. Do not apply too close to the inner corner of the eye 

  5. Add extra glue to the inner and outer sides of the strip eyelash for extra security 

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