The Power of Dewy Perfection: Unveiling the Mist & Melt Spray

The Power of Dewy Perfection: Unveiling the Mist & Melt Spray

I've loved makeup for as long as I can remember, I've always been into drag makeup and loved how they used powder for achieving a flawless base. As someone with dry skin, for years I struggled to achieve a similarly flawless base with NO flashback. I experimented with techniques and products for getting rid of the powdery cast and could never really get away from the ashy look my multiple powders would leave behind.

After many years I've finally found the perfect product for 'melting' powders into my face, it is lightweight, non-greasy and does not contain alcohol, which makes it perfect for those of us that have sensitive, dry skin. I intended for this facial mist to be for melting powders but I've noticed that it also is great for:

Benefits of the Mist and Melt Spray

  1. Increased the longevity of my makeup - usually, my makeup looks good for around 4 hours then things like blush start fading.
  2. Blurred my skin - my skin appearance almost textureless after using this mist, like a filter in the bottle
  3. It's great for skin prep - after priming and prior to applying foundation, it gives the base products something to grip to 
  4. Nice for achieving a skin glow on no makeup days 
  5. Sets my makeup despite it not being a setting spray or containing alcohol

Ways to use

  • After dusting off your loose powders - mist the face lightly, wait for it to dry then follow up with a setting spray (if you want)
  • Before blending out cream and liquid products - lightly mist your face or the brush (or both) before blending

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